Luxury Holidays in Barbados

When discussing Barbados, you can’t help but picture yourself with your toes buried in the  bright white sand, clinking cocktail glasses with your loved ones. With it’s name derived from ‘the bearded fig trees’, Barbados embodies all things exotic and naturally stunning. Completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the island boasts the only all white sand beaches in the region which are complemented by the Caribbean’s crystal blue waters that lap its shores, making it the ideal destination for luxury beach holidays.

holidays in barbados

The idyllic island’s capital, Bridgetown, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site steeped in history and culture, presenting itself as the perfect location for visitors to try something new every day. Barbados’ inhabitants are also a true reflection of the consistently sunny climate, creating the laid-back atmosphere which the island is renowned for.

An Authentic Caribbean Experience

For those seeking the finer things in life, Barbados is an excellent choice and is guaranteed to leave you wanting more. From diving in the dazzling coral reefs that surround the island to sampling the sumptuous local cuisine, this is the island that keeps on giving. If you’re looking to throw yourself in at the deep end and try something new and exhilarating, the island boasts an extensive range of outdoor activities.

There are numerous surf and diving schools that accommodate for those at every level, allowing you to see Barbados from a whole new perspective. Equally, if you’re craving a holiday filled with pure relaxation and indulgence, the island’s plethora of shops and unique markets will surely entice you in.

Sandy Lane, Western Barbados

sandy lane barbados

One of Berkeley Travels most popular Bajan resorts is Sandy Lane. With one of the most enviable locations in the Caribbean, the resort is aptly located on the islands ‘platinum coast’ which is home to the most beautiful beaches and shimmering waters. Since opening in 1961, the resort’s name has been synonymous with effortless style and the epitome of luxury, leading to its title as one of the most prestigious hotels in the world. This truly is a one of a kind resort guaranteed to create the most self indulgent experience for all of its guests.

Coral Reef Club, West Coast Barbados

coral reef club barbados

Ideally located in the beautiful landscape gardens of Barbados’ West Coast, we also have Coral Reef Club. This resort embodies the nature, culture and luxury of the island through it’s sheer elegance and understated opulence. It’s comfortable accommodation exhibits the island’s natural resources in the finest way through wooden balustrades, fretwork and traditional shuttered windows. All rooms are also air conditioned with the majority presenting stunning sea views, creating the perfect way for you to start your day.

This Caribbean treasure is ready and waiting for you. If you’re looking to discuss your luxury holiday in Barbados, contact one of our travel experts today!


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