The Ultimate Luxury Holiday Proposal Guide

Whether you’re a spirited holiday maker, intrepid traveller or you want the perfect proposal to kickstart the next chapter in your life, a destination proposal in a romantic setting is a flawless way to ask your future life partner for their hand in marriage. A holiday proposal is becoming a popular way to pop the question, with couples going on city breaks, beach retreats or adventure holidays to set the scene for their next milestone.

How to Execute the Perfect Destination Proposal on your Luxury Holiday

luxury holiday proposal

1. Plan For The Environment

Whether you’ve decided to go on a skiing holiday or a luxury retreat in a tropical climate, both you and your partner need to bring the appropriate clothing and luggage with you. If you want to keep the majority of the romantic getaway a surprise, then give your other half a heads up of where you’re going. Alongside this, time will need to be booked off at work, animals need to be looked after and plants need to be watered. In an ideal world the whole holiday would be a surprise where you are whisking your other half off their feet. So, start by planning the holiday together, then take some time aside to look at the best  places to ask your loved the ultimate question.

2. Give Yourself Time To Choose The Ring

Choosing the right engagement ring for your partner isn’t easy, and takes time. If you don’t get the sizing right the first time it isn’t a problem, but you’ll want to shop around to ensure you’ve got the best diamond or jewel shape, with the perfect metal. Remember to check if your other half is allergic to certain types of metal or stick to a hypoallergenic one. If you want the ring with you when you propose then you should look at getting the ring 1-3 weeks before you go away. This means you will have time to choose the cut of the diamond and get the correct travel and jewellery insurances, should anything happen to the ring. If you’re concerned about leaving your ring at the airport or with Airport Security, then a hiring a private jet to kickstart your luxury getaway will solve all of these problems.

3. Think About The Location

A holiday should give you and your other half the chance to get away and experience things you wouldn’t be able to do at home. Your holiday shouldn’t revolve around the destination proposal, but it should be a highlight! The best way to create the ultimate holiday experience is to take both partner’s interests into consideration then it will be the break of a lifetime. If both of your interests align, then a dedicated interests holiday will be perfect. This is also true for the location of your holiday. If you’ve always dreamed of experiencing life in some of the world’s biggest cities, or escaping in rural Asia – you’ll be able to find the perfect background for the proposal, whilst experiencing brand new and exciting things.

4. Hire A Photographer

A picture is the perfect way to capture a memory and hold onto it forever, and getting a photo of the moment you drop down on one knee is the best way to freeze the moment. Hiring a professional photographer means that the lighting and scenery will be taken care of, and the end result will be magical.

5. Ask For Help

The thought and preparation that goes into planning a destination proposal can be quite stressful, which is why Berkeley Travel can help you by contacting the resort or venue that you’re planning to propose at, and let them know beforehand. Once you arrive at your destination, let the Hotel Concierge know exactly why you are there and what you are planning to do.  They will be able to assist you, lifting some of the weight off your shoulders.

We will ensure everything is set and ready for your arrival and proposal, taking care of the details and organisation so you can focus on enjoying the moment without worrying about any of the technicalities.

To book your luxury holiday and destination proposal with Berkeley Travel, simply call 020 7099 0777 or get in touch.


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