The Siam Hotel Bangkok Luxury Resort

Close your eyes and imagine being surrounded by smells of fresh tropical fruits and coconut. The rainforest makes a breathtaking backdrop as you stroll down the Chao Phraya river, watching people haggle with the vendors on the  floating markets slowly drifting by. The intense traffic in Bangkok shows you a fervent way of life; the zealous and spirited locals line up to showcase their intricately crafted pieces of jewellery and clothing. Stalls are filled with the delicacies of Thailand and the buzzing atmosphere electrifies the community. An adventure in Bangkok deserves an authentic experience, and the best way to do this is through the friendly locals. Bangkok is known for its vivacious and unrefined nightlife, so you spend the evening exploring the infamous Soi Cowboy located within the very heart of the bustling city. Whether you’re looking for a wellness break to find yourself or you want to traverse Bangkok with your closest friends or partner, it is  a once in a lifetime experience.

The siam hotel gardens

After your truly unique adventure, you hop on your private boat and float along the Chao Phraya river to your luxury urban hotel The Siam located by the Krung Thon Bridge in the Dusit District. You are greeted by your personal butler who brings you an ice cold bottle of wine. You end your day sitting on your private rooftop terrace, as you drink in stunning views of the majestic Chao Phraya river, as your super-sized four poster king sized bed awaits.

The Siam Hotel – The Shrine of Siam

The Siam’s name is a direct reference to Thailand’s former name, the Siam when the country was ruled by King Mongkut of the Siamese (1851 – 1868). The country’s name was changed to Thailand in 1939. Six years later in 1945, it reverted back Siam, and in 1949 the country’s name then went back to Thailand. The Siam’s aesthetic pays homage to the rich history of South-east Asia, as it basks in Thai Colonial, Chinese and Art Deco surroundings. From blushing orchids enhancing the room, to Shuimohua paintings gracing the walls, it is as if their history has been revitalised with a modern twist.

The jewel of The Siam is their comprehensive library, holding the secrets of Thailand’s intricate history. This breathtaking library is home to owner Krissada’s private collection of rare first-edition hardback books, exploring the history of Siam and Asia. It also showcases 2100 BC – 200 AD Neolithic pottery. The spacious period style library allows guests to peruse invaluable Siamese posters, books and maps, permeated throughout the hotel.

Defining Luxury at The Siam

The Siam is the true definition of luxury. The focal point of this stunning resort is the Chao Phraya river that flows through the centre of Bangkok, into the gulf of Thailand. The Siam has been in the Sukosol family since owner, Kamol Sukosol acquired the property in 1973. The valorous entrepreneur had many successful businesses, formerly the sole distributor of America’s General Electric goods in Thailand and exclusive importer of Japan’s Mazda automobiles to the kingdom. Kamol used the land surrounding the Siam as his private pier, indulging in his love of boats as he meandered along the Chao Phraya river.

the siam hotel swimming pool

Before The Siam opened its doors in 2005, it had been leased to a local seafood business. When Kamol’s wife and former hotelier, Kamala asked her son Krissada what they should do with the property, he was inspired by the land’s natural and historical beauty to open The Siam. This luxury resort in the heart of Bangkok is a distillation of the Sukosol family’s combined passion, visions and varied skills. With over 39 spacious suites and pool villas for guests to relax in and sublime services that will cater to your every want and need. Each suite has a walk-in shower,  deep bath tub and a personal butler.  Pool Villa’s private rooftops are an accolade to Bangkok’s grandeur under King Rama V (circa 1853-1910) and offer serene views of Thailand’s natural beauty.

Ultimate Wellness and Adventure at The Siam

The Siam is a unique resort that offers ultimate compromise. If your partner wants a getaway full of adventure and you want a spa retreat or wellness break, The Siam caters for all. Located just five minutes away from the Vimanmek Mansion, Dusit Zoo and Vimanmek Teak Palace Museum. The Siam also offers a private barge tour –  ‘Bangkok by Cruise’, showcasing the City of Angel’s ancient beginnings and Koh Kret Island.

the sima hotel patio

The Opium Spa combines the discovery of Thailand’s fascinating cultural environments to the health and wellbeing of others. With exclusive Sodashi therapies and products to rejuvenate the skin and impart a profound sense of wellbeing, you’ll leave feeling healed. The intimately private and opulent surrounding is a haven for renewal and an inspiration for lifestyle change.

To book your luxury holiday at The Siam do not hesitate to get in touch with Berkeley travel, where we will tailor your getaway to create the holiday of a lifetime.


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