The Romanos Resort: Luxury Holiday in Costa Navarino

Your luxury beach holiday should be spent in a destination that offers an idyllic landscape and a plethora of culture. Costa Navarino is located in the Greek region of Messinia in South West Peloponnese. The Mediterranean island of Costa Navarino is the perfect holiday destination for those who want to soak up the sun in an unspoiled landscape, and be immersed in the authentic culture and history.

The unspoiled beach landscape offers beautiful blue seas and dustings of golden sands for you to lounge on as you soak up the sun. With over 4,500 years of Neolithic rich history shrouded in the mists of the island, there is so much to explore and see. The medieval castles, Mycenaean palaces, classical temples and Byzantine churches are all within walking distance warrant adoration.

The Romanos Resort

Romanos resort

The Luxury of Eco-Friendly Greece

Costa Navarino is synonymous with its commitment to creating an eco-friendly Island. The focus on renewable energies alongside the eco innovations they are making through energy efficient measures is creating a revolutionary greener tourism industry.

The Romanos Resort Costa Navarino

The Romanos Resort in Costa Navarino seamlessly combines the traditional lifestyle of  tranquil Messinia with luxury and splendour. The Greek resort utilises the earthy tones and the feature colour of the blue Ionian Sea to create a perfect visualisation of the Mediterranean, with a touch of modernisation.

Ultimate Luxury at The Romanos

Whether you want a private deluxe room with your own infinity pool looking out over Messinia or a premium Seafront deluxe room that offers captivating and unobstructive views of the Ionian ocean from the beautiful furnished terrace, it is the perfect place to sip on a crisp glass of wine and relax in ultimate bliss. The Romanos Resort’s Master Infinity Villas are in an exquisite location with incomparable views of the Dunes Beach and Ionian ocean. The personal Infinity pool and furnished terrace offer absolute privacy and allow you to enjoy the stunning views of Costa Navarino.

With two luxury restaurants to choose from, you’ll be left drooling at the exquisite menus the Eleon Restaurant and Taverna Restaurant has to offer. The ingredients used are organically grown and created by award-winning chefs. There are a range of ethnic, continental and Greek fusion dishes to choose from.

Embrace serenity at the Anazoe Spa in the Navarino Dunes. Their exceptional treatments will give you unsurpassed relaxation on the tranquil island. With a plethora of activities from golf to walking, a stay at The Romanos Resort in Costa Navarino is the ultimate luxury holiday.

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