Villa Padierna Thermas

Villa Padierna Thermas is located in a natural paradise: The Valle del Guadalhorce in the province of Malaga, which is situated 30 minutes from both the airport and the AVE train station at Antequera, and 45 minutes from the AVE station in Malaga.

In this small village called Carratraca, surrounded by picturesque mountains and nature, the thermal spa baths of Carratraca are the perfect place for the regeneration of body and mind.


The Villa Padierna Thermas Hotel is famous for its elegant design, which fuses the neoclassical architecture of the building with antique decoration, works of art and the highest standards in comfort and well-being. This relaxing atmosphere, complemented by the medicinal-mineral properties of the waters, is the ideal place to completely revitalize the human body.

In a building inspired by a Palace in Tuscany, surrounded by works of art, is one of the biggest Spas of Europe. It covers more than 2000 square metres, with a marvellous Spa Circuit; there is a team of experienced therapists, a wide range of treatment with the latest equipment and a fully equipped gym, all this in Villa Padierna Wellness.

The origins of the Thermal Spa Baths go back to the eighteenth century, when the amazing healing powers of the sulphurous water and the natural springs which surrounded this small settlement in Carratraca gained an almost legendary reputation, with them being regarded as “miracle” waters.

The Spa at Carratraca was built by the Earl of Teba, father of the Empress of France, Eugenia de Montijo (wife of Napoleon III) and of the Duchess of Alba. During the nineteenth century, it became one of the most famous spas in Europe and its waters won awards on two occasions, both in Paris in 1878 and in Madrid in 1873, claiming the gold medal award for the best medicinal-mineral water.

The 5-star hotel is the result of an extensive renovation project on a building which dates back to the nineteenth century when it was built by King Fernando VII. This spectacular accommodation combines luxurious and high-quality features in a place which is full of history. It boasts a total of 43 rooms, 6 of which are suites, elegantly decorated and stylish.

11 classic single bedrooms. Each bedroom has been individually decorated mixing tradition with contemporary touches and with all the comforts available at the Hotel. Some of the rooms have sloping ceilings with windows and others have a shared terrace. The views of the Andalusian patio can be enjoyed from the windows.

26 large, luxury and very comfortable bedrooms. Each bedroom has its own personality, enhanced by harmonious coloured fabrics, furniture, prints, photographs and original signed paintings. Those that are located on the 3rd floor have sloping ceilings with windows, which makes the light very special. They have views of the mountain, the Andalusian Patio or onto one of the streets of the picturesque town of Carratraca.

4 Exclusive large suites with exceptionally comfortable beds for a deep sleep and a restoring rest. They are decorated in warm tones, with hardwood finishes, which makes them unique and original. The elegant marble bathrooms are fitted with baths or showers. Two of the Junior Suites have a romantic private terrace with views out onto the mountain.

2 large and elegant luxury suites. They have a large living room and a separate bedroom. They can be used as two-bedroom suites that can be connected to another luxury room. They are extremely cosy; they are decorated with warm materials and real antiques to round them off. This passion for detail helps create a private atmosphere that turns each room into a lovely haven away from the overwhelming hustle and bustle of the big cities. A place to get your energy back.  The 2 suites have a balcony with beautiful views of the mountain, which lets lots of marvellous natural light into the room.

At the threshold of this exclusive hotel its distinct warm and friendly, relaxing and cosy atmosphere can easily be perceived. It makes you feel as if you were in the 18th century with the comforts and the luxury, in which everything has been thought of right down to the tiniest detail, where each space deserves to be discovered.

Period furniture, contemporary touches and precious artistic decoration distinguish the rooms available to read in, rest in or have a conversation.

The Hotel Villa Padierna Thermas specialises in organic haut cuisine, made according to well-balanced and healthy recipes. In-house chef Andrés Ruiz only works with local fresh products, making dishes that preserve all their aroma and flavour.  Alcoholic drinks are not served at the hotel.

The healing power of the Carratraca waters that are rich in sulphur, calcium and magnesium were enjoyed way back in the Roman times when the soldiers used the waters to heal wounds suffered in the big battles. But it was the Arabs who named this town that stands at the foot of the Sierra Blanquilla. The name Carratraca comes from the Arabic word “Karr-al-krak”, which means “scourge cleaning”.

The thermal waters of Carratraca are classified as being Mineral-Medicinal, containing sulphur, calcium and magnesium; they flow out of the spring at a perfect temperature of 18 ºC, which preserves all their properties. Sulphurous water is known for having the most powerful anti-free radical and antioxidant properties that exist, which is why all the treatments are very effective when it comes to anti-ageing. The International Society of Medical Hydrology states that according to the studies and tests that have been carried out, sulphurous water can be used effectively in medical specialities such as dermatology, rheumatology, pulmonology, otorhinolaryngology and gynaecology. Moreover, it is beneficial in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, balneotherapy, aesthetic medicine, fitness, and sport.