The Brando luxury resort is on French Polynesia’s breathtakingly beautiful private island of Tetiaroa. Tetiaroa sits 30 miles North-East of Tahiti in Oceania; composed of a dozen small islands surrounding the crisp turquoise lagoon. The Brando is truly unique and private luxurious resort contracted on a 99-year lease by the world renowned actor, Marlon Brando. Offering an intimate community of luxurious villas, guests can embrace the tranquillity of the secluded atoll.

The Brando provides every guest with carefree luxury – enriching authentic, sustainable travel experiences in the midst of pristine nature. Guests access the island by a private plane to enjoy and explore Polynesian lifestyle and culture.

Appreciate the exquisite white-sand beaches frequented by exotic birds, sea turtles and manta. Rediscover your inner peace and well-being at the luxurious spa with relaxing treatments. The Brando Resort provides truly imaginative experiences for all.

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Nestled within the tropical forest, coconut, pandanus and miki miki trees sit. The Brando one bedroom villas. Each villa is designed uniquely to enhance the charming surroundings of untouched nature. The spacious layout lets you admire exclusive luxury living with amazing views.

The Brando one bedroom villas are the perfect sanctuary for you to relax. With your own private pool, media room, cosy sitting room and spacious bedroom with picturesque views of the sparkling lagoon. The perfect honeymoon or romantic getaway.



Lush tropical forest surrounds The Brando two bedroom villas. Each are designed perfectly to make indoor living feel outdoors, giving you the sensation of vast spaciousness.

The airy living room leads onto a wide two tiered deck with private plunge pool. Making you feel like you are floating above an opulent tropical vista. The 168 sq m. two bedroom villas feature contemporary features throughout, perfect for the modern family.



Stay in The Brando three bedroom villas and make unforgettable memories with your family and friends. Each of the villas are designed to blend into and enhance the serenity of your surroundings. Whilst accommodating the needs of the modern family. The 246 sqm three-bedroom villas provide exclusive accommodation for friends and families to stay together.

The three bedroom villas are nestled within tropical forest and unspoilt habitat. Furnished perfectly they are packed with contemporary amenities and aesthetics throughout. Offering the perfect sanctuary for you to relax in luxury. The large sitting area leads out to the private pool with stunning views of the natural landscape.




Discover unforgettable dining experiences at The Brando. Guy Martin is an award winning Michelin star chef serving the highest quality dishes to The Brando luxury dining areas. The resorts restaurants showcase authentic Polynesian inspired dishes, classic French cuisine and East/West fusion.

An array of fruits and vegetables are naturally grown on the Island – bringing the freshest ingredients straight to your table. With a selection of bars and restaurants you can enjoy your favourite dish in an amazing luxurious setting every time.

The Brando are passionate in crafting memorable dining experiences for all of their guests. Speak to our team on 0207 099 0777, to see how The Brando dining can be personalised to your requirements.



Varua Te Ora Polynesian Spa is a hidden oasis, blending into the lush vegetation of the tropical undergrowth. Surround yourself with tranquillity and experience holistic treatments inspired by international and Polynesian techniques. The Brando Spa suites offer privacy with breathtaking views of the natural landscape.

The Brando spa allows all to rediscover relaxation, harmony and well-being. Discover the Spa steam baths, serene waterfall and tea lounge and find your inner peace.


The Brando has various activities to shape your experience during your stay at the private Island of Tetiaroa. Immerse yourself in Polynesia art and culture through dance, music and weaving lessons. Sign up to whale watching and experience biologist day excursions with naturalist guides. The Brando has plenty of experiences on offer that will suit everyone. Contact our team to build the perfect itinerary for your desires.


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