Rosewood Castiglion Del Bosco

Castiglion del Bosco is a centuries-old estate deep in the Val d’Orcia, comprising a castle, a church and a Borgo in the heart of the countryside. It is a place to be experienced first-hand, telling a tale of strong bonds with the fields, the landscape, the woods and vineyards, the local artistic heritage and craftsmanship, and the toil of a farming community. It is a tale of revival, which has seen life restored to 17th- and 18th-century farmhouses resplendent with the elegance of yesteryear, impeccable hospitality, rituals and memories, in an elegy of colours, flavours and values handed down over the years. It is the tale of a deeply rooted Tuscan way of life.


A soft and gentle filtered light permeates the airy, welcoming spaces of the Suites at Castiglion del Bosco, warmed by natural Tuscan hues. The Suites are housed in the buildings of the Borgo itself, creating an overall impression of great harmony with their antique furniture, genuine textiles and artisanal pieces. Exposed wooden beams and cosy corners feature alongside modern comforts and the latest technology. The terraces, pergolas, picturesque views and private gardens are alive with greenery.

The changing moods of the land, manicured greenery and filtered light. The Villas of Castiglion del Bosco have been restored to use, creating new traditions of their own. Ten rustic farmhouses have become luxury villas, with decor by Teresa Bürgisser Sancristoforo, featuring stone, wood, fire, antiques and bespoke furniture. The interiors are distinguished by their Sienese hues, handcrafted pieces and pleasing textures. Bronzes and lamps evoke the past, in an intimate, timeless and elegant ambience.

Located in the heart of Il Borgo, in the estate’s former wine cellars, the CdB Spa is a haven of serenity, dominated by earthy shades and natural colours. With its sauna, steam bath, relaxation area and lush private garden, this sublime refuge deliver rest and rejuvenation for body and soul, thanks to a holistic blend of treatments developed by leading well-being Clinique La Prairie and CdB’s own authentically Tuscan body care line.

A holistic pampering and relaxation experience that blends luxurious components with local herbs, creating an infusion of all-enveloping, cleansing and endlessly vitalizing sensations. Pure simplicity.