Hotel Bareiss

Dark pine trees lit by the sun. Gentle slopes and glittering streams. The road snakes towards your destination. Your anticipation grows. Through Freudenstadt, Baiersbronn and – Mitteltal. At last! You’ve been looking forward to this all year. To your holiday. To the Bareiss. Welcome!


The Bareiss – your holiday home

If there is a hotel that can claim, with a clear conscience, that it is your holiday home then it is the Bareiss. For those travelling alone just as much as for couples, for friends or for families. For you all, offering not just an unbelievably large choice of suitable rooms, apartments and suites – all of them with first-class furnishings providing the greatest level of comfort. But also, of course, with the all-round care of the Culinary Holiday, wonderful pools and a world of saunas, as well as a wide variety of cultural activities – plus, don’t forget, the Children’s Village with a complete programme for young guests.

The Bareiss performance is, naturally, always included in the overnight price – in the room category that you select. The exclusive half-board, the Culinary Day, is also included and is only available in this form at the Bareiss: with a small breakfast at the Pool Bistro from 7.00 a.m., the large breakfast and brunch buffet until 11.30 a.m., cake and sweeties from the hotel’s own pastry shop in the afternoon and the large dinner in the evening in one of the five restaurants for hotel guests.

The use of the Bareiss pool and sauna world is also included in the price – as well as water gymnastics from Monday to Saturday. Offering Nordic walking training with trainers and a fitness room with fitness and cardio equipment. The fleet of city and mountain bikes, as well as the electric bikes, can also be borrowed without charge.

Walks, outings, wine tastings, guided tours of the hotel, readings, concerts, games offered by the hotel, boccia, tennis and, last but not least, the all-year activities for children from 3 years of age, and the Minis, Maxis and Teenies Programmes during the school holidays round out the activities available.

Even if deciding on where you want to take your evening meal is an ordeal, you can be sure that you will not regret your decision. Whether in the Restaurant BAREISS, in one of the other restaurants for hotel guests, in the Dorfstuben or the Kaminstube: your meal will always be a culinary pleasure. Bon appétit!

Take the time. Open your senses. What awaits you here is not an everyday occurrence: the huge culinary experience. These pleasures are so extraordinary, composed with such concentration and care for you personally – the aroma, taste, colours, fine nuances, differing consistencies, sweet and salty, soft and crisp, etc. What harmony!

Beauty & Spa at the Bareiss is a synonym for “I feel good here”. Do whatever you want to do! Seawater or freshwater, a Finnish sauna or a steam bath, swim lengths or bubble in the whirlpool, enjoy a snack at the pool bar or sunbathe by the garden pond.

Feel how your heart is beating. How the perspiration is lying on the skin in droplets, tingling as it trickles over your back. Your body is working. Your circulation is getting up to speed. And your thoughts are becoming slower, your spirit is relaxing. That’s the way it should be.