Chable Resort & Spa

Modern aesthetics and ancient mysticism come together at Chablé Resort and Spa. Hidden within the Mayan rainforest, yet just half an hour from the “White City” of Mérida, the 750-acre resort repurposes the original 19th-century hacienda walls in its 38 casitas and villas, each minimally adorned and featuring an individual plunge pool. Chef Jorge Vallejo (whose restaurant, Quintonil, is regarded as one of the world’s best) created the menus, sourced from the on-site gardens and paired with the world’s largest private tequila collection. Native healing is found through authentic rituals in the spa, set within a natural cenote.


Each casita is purposely situated within the lush gardens where nature can be enjoyed to its fullest. The original 19th-century walls of the working hacienda serve as the framework for every casita and incorporate modern touches, warm woods and traditional Mayan architecture to make Chablé a true work of art. Every room has a view and every view is a living part of the Hacienda.

Spacious Casita set in the Mayan jungle each one perfectly framing nature. They are contemporary, with local rich woods, stone and glass walls allowing guests to be in contact with nature while maintaining all the comforts.

Home away from home, offering jungle views, Hacienda murals and glass walls bringing together the colonial heritage and modern design and creating a secluded hideaway.

The most luxurious and exclusive Villa at Chablé offering a private space to connect with local culture and nature, it has jungle views, colonial walls and modern construction that provide a unique experience for guests with a sense of tranquillity and wellness.

Chablé’s culinary offer was designed by acclaimed Chef Jorge Vallejo. His restaurant Quintonil (CDMX), was recently awarded as the #22 by “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants”. Under his leadership, Luis Ronzón, Executive Chef enhances the gastronomic experience at the resort’s three restaurants – Ixi’im, Ki’ol & Spa Restaurant- which is based on organic & seasonal cuisine mostly sourced from the on-site traditional Maya Gardens.

The pampering treatments of a conventional destination spa are woven into a personal wellness program allowing us to provide a more complete self-indulgent experience closely tailored to each guest’s needs – with experts in different modalities, from yoga to Maya healing techniques.

After an initial consultation, we will devise an optimum personal program designed to match your goals, be it fitness, detoxification, stress management, weight loss or other areas of concern. We will then recommend specific treatments in conjunction with the resorts daily activities of morning yoga, guided walks, biking, meditation and nutrition.

The Spa at Chablé offers a unique passage into the customized wellness exploration that guests embark upon from the moment they arrive. Residing in the heart of Yucatan, the Spa invites guests to enter a mystical world.