Banyan Tree Koh Samui

Come into a universe where water meets sky and cascading terraces are fringed with hill coves and an unparalleled view of the Gulf of Thailand. Swim within a blissful haven in Koh Samui. Surrounded by waters that invite, entice and serenade, Banyan Tree Samui is infused with a timeless air of delicious mystery. Overlooking the scenic Lamai Bay, the resort featuring elevated structures designed to reflect traditional Thai architecture, is nestled in a series of cascading terraces on a private hill cove in the south-eastern coast of Koh Samui. Retreat from the dizzying pace of modernity into secluded haven where the hours melt into each other gently and peace is within your touch at all times.


Extensive pool with designated swimming, wading and resting areas, comfortably appointed double vanity bathroom with rain shower and bathtub, outdoor lounge deck and open concept bedroom and living area round off your deluxe In-Villa experience. With a warm Thai décor harmoniously weaving the classic and contemporary and verdant private gardens surrounding the cocoon of your private villa enclave, be enthralled by the epitome of In-Villa style.

A lofty view of the sweeping landscape from high above the ground, extensive outdoor lounge, sky-suspended swimming pool and open villa living quarters filled with warm, fresh air and steeped in natural light bring new meaning to the phrase “Bird’s eye view”. With a designated villa host and the option to enjoy a lavish In-Villa al fresco barbecue dinner, the sky is the limit – and just barely.

Stunning views of the windswept ocean, open-concept villa living, seamlessly connecting villa quarters with manicured natural surroundings, an expansive pool with spacious swimming and dipping areas as well as a water lounge, warm contemporary Thai décor and natural light dancing across welcoming living spaces, bring you to a level of peace and satisfaction known only to a privileged few. Admire views of nature while taking a leisurely dip in the pool or flip through channels– the choice, as always, is yours.

An awe-inspiring panorama of Lamai Bay and seamless architecture with elegantly appointed private sala, interlinking two one-bedroom villas take the In-Villa experience to a level worthy of dignitaries. Two swimming pools, one sky-suspended, and a designated host only ratify the exclusivity of this In-Villa experience. The Presidential Pool Villa is unique to the resort and as the only one of its kind, prepare to be pampered in the echelons of privilege.

A sky-suspended swimming pool across which shifting shadows and reflections of clouds shimmer, an expansive private sala providing a sweeping panorama of ocean seamlessly blending into cloud and sky, beautifully furbished open-concept living and bedding spaces allowing fresh air and pure light unbridled entry and the pleasure of a candlelit dinner beneath a clear, star-streaked sky. The Royal Banyan Ocean Pool Villa is perfectly placed atop the pedestal of glorious In-Villa stays, offering utter relaxation and the loveliness of natural serenity.

A unique dining experience to be savoured even by the most well-heeled of travellers, this dinner experience will steal itself into your soul with a plethora of uniquely blended elements. Excellent ingredients simply and stunningly a tented private dining pavilion set on the beach, an expansive view of the vibrant Gulf of Thailand. The Samui Episode promises to intrigue, to scintillate, and give you an experience to remember forever.

The very best of spa treatments and therapies developed in award-winning Banyan Tree tradition awaits you in this secret hideaway. Featuring Koh Samui’s first hydrotherapy spa, the Rainforest is a holistic and innovative wellness experience designed to heal and soothe. With a suite of 10 Spa Treatment Pavilions, and Vitality Pool, your search for the perfect rejuvenation can be found in the peace of Banyan Tree Spa Samui. Push your body through the cultivated discipline that is yoga, before opting for a sensational spa therapy that includes the use of traditional Thai herbs and spices.