Arctic Bath

Arctic Bath will be a new international floating hotel and cold bath in Harads, Swedish Lapland. Close to nature, the building is inspired by the timber floating era when the river was used for transporting timber. Sometimes the logs got jammed in the rapids and caused problems. Such logjam is the inspiration for Arctic Bath buildings. The building becomes a monument, a reminder about the importance of forests for the entire country’s development. The main building is inspired by a jam of floating timber in the river. In the old days, the tradition was to transport the timber logs on the river.


Arctic Bath, floating on Lule river, is planned to be situated downstream from the bridges of Bodtraskfors, Harads. It will be a year-round hotel, summertime free-floating and wintertime frozen into the ice on Lule river.

Arctic Bath has a circular shape which creates a protected environment. The centre of the bath is great for both sunbathing and winter bathing, it is an open-air cold bath. The cold bath is not for the fainthearted, during wintertime the water in the river stays around + 4 degrees Celsius. The centre pool will be kept free from ice and the chilly plunges will be a great combo for the warm saunas. The main floating building features several saunas, a spa treatment room, lounge, shop, bar and a restaurant. The 6 hotel rooms (double rooms) will have private entrances via footbridges from the shore.

Arctic Bath expects to become an exclusive hotel and arctic cold bath, with focus on wellness. Plans are to collaborate with Tree-hotel and other high-end destinations.