Pine Cliffs Resort Algarve in Portugal

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Call Us Now on 0207 099 0777

Call Us Now on

0207 099 0777

For a truly spectacular family holiday, Pine Cliffs Resort Algarve in Portugal is second to none. This award-winning luxury family resort is Portugal’s best kept secret. Located on the Algarve coast seafront in southern Portugal, this spectacular clifftop resort has 217 spacious suites and rooms with en-suite bathrooms, and amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean. Pine Cliffs also has townhouses, terraces and villas for you and your family to stay in.

Pine Cliffs Resorts Algarve boasts an amazing selection of activities for you and your family to enjoy. Take up some fun tennis lessons in the landscaped grounds of the Tennis Courts or spend an afternoon sunbathing by the pool. Perched 200 feet above the atlantic is a 168 acre golf course, where you can enjoy a golfing tournament, before you and your family have a delicious meal in one of the resorts fine restaurants.

Benefits & Amenities

7 nights

Luxury double room

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Located in southern Portugal, on the Algarve coast, the Pine Cliffs Hotel, a Luxury Collection...